Top 5 Pregnancy Purchases So Far

I’m only nearing the end of my second trimester, but I have a few purchases I thought I would share so far. Here is my list of must haves!

1. Jojoba Oil and Bio Oil – I’ve always lotioned my skin regularly but I know just how important it is to keep your skin moisturised during pregnancy. The standard purchase for most pregnant women is Bio Oil. I love the smell and it feels amazing on my skin. I use this all over my bump, my chest and on my legs. I’ve noticed a few silvery lines appearing at the top of my legs so I’m paying extra attention to this area right now. I like to switch it up and sometimes use natural jojoba oil. I find jojoba oil is less greasy and blends nicely into my skin. I tend to use jojoba in the morning so that it doesn’t soak straight into my clothes. Fingers crossed these two manage to keep the stretch marks at bay!

FullSizeRender 4

2. Clippasafe Car Seat Bump Protector – I was a bit sceptical about this product at first and wasn’t sure how effective it would be. I can’t remember how I came across this product, whether it was one of the hundreds of pregnancy vlogs I’ve watched online or if it was recommended by a friend of a friend, it’s all one big pregnancy blur. The Clippasafe bump belt sits on top of the car seat and has a strap that wraps around the back of the seat. As you then sit on the car seat and secure your seat belt there are two tabs either side of you that attach to the lower part of the belt. These two tabs prevent the belt from riding up over your bump. At first, I didn’t really notice much difference until one day I was on my way to meet a friend in a taxi and noticed my seatbelt was digging into my bump. If you crash the Clippasafe belt holds the lower part of your belt in place at your hips and prevents the car seatbelt from crushing your bump and baby. It may not be for everyone but it certainly works for me!


3. Summer Infant Maternity Body Support Pillow – This pillow is fab! I bought it when I was at the 12 week mark to support my bump while I was sleeping and it worked a treat. I found that my stomach started to feel heavy and this helped to prop it up. Now I’m a bit bigger it stops me from rolling forward and squashing her, which has happened on the odd occasion I haven’t used the pillow, and is great for propping me up slightly when I have heartburn! The other great thing is it can be used as a breast feeding pillow! I bought mine from the Babyshop in Centre Point, Doha Festival City and I believe it is also available at

bed pose

4. Maternity jeans – I only bought these like two weeks ago, why I didn’t get them before I have no idea because they are the comfiest jeans ever! My first pair are from New Look. I ordered them from Asos and had them shipped over. Maternity clothes are very limited in Qatar so Asos has become my go-to site. They are a ripped skinnies and sit just under my bump. They’re a great fit and should hopefully grow with my bump. My second pair are from H&M and I found these in Qatar at the branch in Villagio Mall. They are plain black skinnies and sit over my bump, they offer great support and feel extremely comfy now, I’m just hoping that they will still fit by the time I’m 36+ weeks. I definitely plan to buy a few more pairs and will certainly keep them to use next time round!


5. Baby Story App – This app is another favourite. It’s all about making memories! I have been chronicling my pregnancy journey so far using this app for my weekly bump shots (ok not every week but when I remember). You can add dates, comparisons and cute doodles to your photos. The app itself is free but there are other in-app purchases if you want a wider variety of designs and stickers. Eventually, I’d like to have all of mine printed so that one day me and Baby Girl can sit and look through them and remember just what a truly special time this was!


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