2nd Trimester Bliss

My first trimester seemed to go so incredibly slowly. It felt like every day took forever to pass by! As far as symptoms go I think I was quite fortunate that I didn’t have morning sickness, but the food aversions drove me insane. All of my favourite foods I could no longer stand the smell or sight of them, chicken, mutton and rice, any spices or seasonings, Arabic food- all of them were a total no no!

Exhaustion, tiredness and the record relay trips to the loo were also major players in those first few months. At work especially I would struggle to keep my eyes open and the second I arrived home would go immediately upstairs to bed. My travel pillow accompanied me on every single car journey, in addition to the seat being almost as far back as it could possibly recline because any trip ten minutes or longer could easily accommodate some shut eye.

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I was so relieved then when the second trimester finally rolled around. Just like all the mothers before me promised, it got a whole lot easier! By week 16 and 17 I was finally starting regain my energy. Bedtime was now at 6 instead of 4. The only thing starting to bother me was heartburn (which hasn’t stopped at all) but it’s fine because hopefully that means she will come out with a gorgeous head of hair! On the brightside, I could finally stomach a little flavour in my food. I made several trips to my favourite sushi restaurant Nozomi (no I didn’t eat any raw fish) and also managed to enjoy some traditional Qatari food at an Iftar we went to at The W Hotel during Ramadan. Life was great! The time seemed to suddenly fly by.



Life certainly got a whole lot better when last week after waking up 5am, I suddenly realised that I’d managed to sleep through the entire night without waking up to make the mandatory two or three toilet trips! So at this point in time, 23 weeks in, I would say I’m finally enjoying my pregnancy! The worry has abated for the time being and feeling Baby Girl wiggle and squirm around is the best feeling and reassurance a mum could ask for. I’ve finally started to gain a bit of weight, so I’m getting nice and thick in all the right places! At around 18 weeks I started to do a bit of exercise, I know just how important being active is through pregnancy and just how much it prepares you for labour (with Angel Baby I was so unfit and unprepared I was exhausted almost immediately after the contractions started), so I’m trying to do a mix of yoga, swimming and light cardio. Unfortunately it’s far too hot to go walking outside in Qatar right now, some days the temperature is 50 degrees and up. Being off for the summer has definitely helped to kick start my workout routine! And of course, my bump is now starting to look nice and round!

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I definitely wonder how much longer this pregnancy bliss will last? I’ve got another month to go until I reach the third trimester! I’m so excited that it’s almost time to meet my princess. But I wonder what is in store for me in trimester three? Is it as bad as they say? Will I know the difference between Braxton Hicks and real labour? Will I lose my energy again? Will I lose my pregnancy glow (I mean that is aided right now by my ABH glow kit lol, but still), or will my skin breakout? I’m particularly nervous because I will be back at work and I really struggle to find the time to eat when I’m busy and I know how important those extra calories are.  What are the worst symptoms of trimester three? Leave your comments below or on my 2nd Trimester Bliss post on Instagram- @lady_m_xx !


Derset Mama


4 thoughts on “2nd Trimester Bliss

  1. Liz Wilkins says:

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog. I’m on holiday too after joining Nottingham high school.
    As mother to an angel baby followed by a rainbow too it’s lovely to watch your pregnancy develop and I couldn’t be happier for you x


  2. Masti says:

    You look absolutely stunning!

    I’ve not given birth, but I do honestly feel it’s one of those things in life one can never be completely prepared for. I have complete faith and belief that you’ll do amazingly well xx

    Love always


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