Curly Hair Product Review

For those of you with afro, mixed, curly or dry hair you know the struggle out here in Qatar to find hair products is real. When I first moved here, I think half of my luggage allowance was taken up with hair products. I had no idea how I was going to care for my hair or who would cut it. Thankfully it wasn’t a total disaster because I discovered the site I used back home to order my stuff from delivered internationally! British Curlies has a range of different brands that cover all different curl types and textures.

I recently placed an order with the British Curlies site and I purchased some oldies but goodies and a couple of new items both of which I’m love with!

1. Shea Moisture- Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist

This has been a staple in my hair care arsenal for some time now. It’s a great alternative to hairspray and is perfect if you follow the curly girl method as it is sulfate and silicone free. I find it adds the right amount of hold to my hair without having too much product build up. It lasts quite a while too (I’m sure my last bottle held out for like six months). I also use the conditioner from the same range and that’s certainly another go-to product that I can’t imagine I will switch out anytime soon. I really like Shea Moisture products and this doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for a light to medium hold spray that won’t overload your hair with chemicals then this is it.


2. Curls- Curls Milkshake Light Curl Lotion

This is my second time purchasing this product and I love it. After reading a few reviews, I bought it to replace a brand that was being discontinued. It’s a light lotion that I apply to my hair after washing. It moisturises and nourishes making my curls beautifully soft. It doesn’t make them heavy or leave too much build up. The only downside I would say is that it doesn’t really eliminate frizz too much. It is a bit pricey, but I would say totally worth it because again it’s another product made from all natural ingredients and for those of you on #teamnatural or using the curly girl method it gives your hair all the tlc it needs.



3. Curls- Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

Not gonna lie, when it comes to tackling my edges I am lazy. Usually, I spray a bit of the Shea Moisture Hold & Shine on or just leave them. Then I get upset because my hair looks shit and frizzy. So I finally decided to buy a product that will tame those edges down and make my baby hair look sleek and not wild and wavy. The Curls Control Paste has actually been a life saver not to mention it smells divine. I’d seen quite a few reviews online of this product and thought ok let’s try it. I’m so glad I did. I only need a tiny amount it flattens the baby hair down and holds it there all day. Another natural product. Another winner.


4. Aunt Jackie’s Coils and Curls- Knot On My Watch

This is by far my favourite out of the four products I bought. I cannot believe I didn’t try this sooner. It’s labelled as a product for ‘instant detangling therapy’ and it does exactly that. I’ve never found a product that will detangle my day 2 or 3 curls, even if I spray my hair and dampen it. Nothing ever has enough slip. Knot On My Watch is a miracle in a bottle. I give my hair a light spray with water, rub a generous amount of this through my hair and comb. It detangles my hair like curls on wash day! There’s no tugging or snags. It has loads of slip and smells beautifully sweet. It does leave a funny feel to my hair as it dries but once my hair is completely dry my curls feel soft and bouncy again. This is an absolute must-have for me. Plus it doesn’t break the bank!


I will try and do more product reviews as I order things over the next few months and especially once Baby M is here. I’d love to hear any recommendations for products that you guys use!

Much Love


Desert Mama xx

5 thoughts on “Curly Hair Product Review

  1. Curly Bee says:

    Hello Desert Mama,
    I tried to place an order on the British Curlies website but found out that they’ve shut down their shop. Do you know any other websites that ship to Qatar?
    Curly Bee


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