Third Trimester Update

Yes thank you Lord, I am finally on the home stretch! I’m around the 38 week mark and seriously cannot express fully how excited I am to meet my mini Queen B.


As I expected, the third trimester has seen the return of tiredness and exhaustion. I started back at work over a month ago, so I’m sure that is also probably taking its toll, but it sure does help time fly! One thing pregnancy has taught me is that heartburn is no joke! I swear the burning never stops! Loads of people recommended Gaviscon etc but for now I’ve just been sipping on a hot toddy or plain old hot water… bit weird I know but it works. Oh and no one mentions that sometimes you wake up in the night and all the muscles in your groin feel like they’ve given up- cue the pregnant lady waddle. I thought the waddle was just from carrying extra weight, but I soon realised that your muscles and your pelvis start to loosen and shift towards the end of pregnancy. I’ve definitely noticed it more at night time and I’m hoping it eases off soon! It does give Desert Dad a good giggle.

We did have a small scare when one day at work I started having some fairly strong contractions. I’ve not really experienced any Braxton Hicks so these definitely came as a shock. After spending some time walking around, they still didn’t disappear so we headed down to the doctors to get checked out. Everything looked fine but given my history and Baby Girl’s position they gave me a couple of shots to mature her lungs (these also helped to quadruple my bra size overnight) and had to rest a couple of days. This seemed to help and for now, all is well. What I would suggest is that anything you are ever unsure of get it checked out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. A large portion of the mums I know have all said they woke up one morning, something was amiss, they trusted their gut instinct, went to the doctor and the same day baby had arrived. Luckily I was not in that position, but I dread the thought of not wanting to cause too much fuss only for it to turn out to be something serious. Despite all the symptoms I’m totally in love with my huge round bump! I will totally miss it when it’s gone.



The last few weeks things have finally started to come together. We’ve been buying bits and pieces for her nursery and the house and started to get all the baby bits together. It’s been a bit hit and miss with knowing what is and isn’t available given the current situation in Qatar. But you know how it goes when there’s a will, there’s a way. And so far everything I’ve set my sights on I have, including my Stokke Xplory Stroller that we purchased from Just Kidding! Totally in love with it (who knew this is something you could actually get excited about?) and can’t wait to take Baby Girl out for a stroll. Our gorgeous Moba UK basket arrived and that’s all set up and ready to go too!


Her bedroom is starting to fill up nicely with the cutest clothes imaginable. I love the teeny tiny baby socks, they give me so much joy every time I see them! I got us both some cute matching headbands from @melvninmvde (there’s about to be a lot more twinning when she finally arrives), our hospital outfits from Baby Be Mine Maternity, and a whole heap of cute outfits while I’ve been out and about shopping in Doha. My hospital bag I bought from Tiba and Marl. I first saw it on Anna Saccone’s YouTube channel. First off I love the design, I can’t stand old fashioned gaudy looking baby stuff for mums, so this was perfect, not only that, it’s good quality and durable, and as an expat that’s a must when you travel a lot. I would defo say this bag is worth the investment. My bag is not quite completely packed and I know they say get it done by 36 weeks, but with work and all the other prep to be done I’ve just not had time. My goal is by the end of this week.



In my last couple of weeks of pregnancy, I plan to enjoy the nesting phase and getting everything ready, my mum arriving and of course the birth of my beautiful baby girl.

Much Love

Desert Mama xxx

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