Jordan- Travelling with a baby

Jordan is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit even before I met Desert Dad. For Easter weekend we booked a short trip of three nights and four days and took our little chicken with us. In this post I’ll share our overall experience of travelling to Jordan with a baby.

This was our first family holiday. I don’t count the trip we took home at Christmas as that was to see family, so it’s always easier. Although it was our first trip as a family we did travel with a couple of friends from work who were excellent company.

Our first destination was the Dead Sea. We spent one night at the Holiday Inn Resort. I seriously wish we would have had an extra couple of nights because I’d underestimated how gorgeous this hotel would be. Our room was incredibly spacious with more than enough room for the three of us. A family of four with two infants would fit comfortably. We didn’t take Mahari in the Dead Sea however had it been a little warmer, and had we had more time we would have taken her to the children’s pool.

Our next stop was Wadi Musa and our day at Petra. We took the scenic route from the Dead Sea down to Wadi Musa. If you don’t like heights DON’T take this route. I had no idea how bad it would be. Pretty sure my soul left my body on multiple occassions! I was so effing scared!

This was the part of the trip I was most anxious about. Mahari is nearly five months old however she’s still relatively small. I was concerned about logistics, feeding her and changing her. We didn’t take a stroller and would advise against it- it’s just not practical. We took a ring sling and the Ergo 360 Cool Mesh baby carrier. She sat snuggly in the carrier with Pat and was good as gold the entire journey. We had taken her out in it a few times previously so I’d certainly recommend trying this to make sure your baby is comfortable.


Before the trip I wasn’t actually aware if there would be anywhere to stop and change or feed. Thankfully there were stalls at various points along the route through the Petra site selling drinks and snacks. One of the stalls outside the Treasury had some benches and this provided the perfect pitstop to stop and change her nappy. She was also due a feed by the time we arrived at the treasury so I sat and fed her while admiring the view. The trip to Petra is absolutely worth it even with a baby. I have to say we are lucky because generally Mimi is fairly mild tempered and aside from being a bit grizzly late in the afternoon due to some serious teething pain she was a little star.


If you thinking of traveling to Petra with a baby I’d definitely recommend March/April time. It was still fairly chilly and honestly I think it’s better to have to layer up than not be able to strip off layers. We were surprised at just how chilly it was, but it was still pleasant in comparison to the stinging Doha heat.

Sadly we didn’t cover the entire Petra site as we only had one day but we most definitely will visit again. Our hotel at Wadi Musa was the Old Village Resort. Again we totally lucked out with this one. The room was clean and very spacious and I loved the traditional Arabic decor. It was a five minute stay from the site so the location was perfect!

On our third day we took the King’s Highway (the safe route) back to the Dead Sea to stop at Bethany Beyond The Jordan which is the baptismal site of Jesus. Even if you’re not Christian it’s well worth a visit. We prayed as a family and washed our hands and Mimi’s hair in the river. It was magical.


The next stop was the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. Our friends we were travelling with are Muslim and for them, this was an important site to visit. We took Mimi inside and thankfully she was fairly tired so didn’t disturb any visitors. If you do plan to visit then I recommend only taking small children inside if they are quiet as it does get rather packed and you need to be able to hear the guide. After our visit to the cave spent our final night in Amman at the House Boutique Suites hotel. We had a spacious studio room with gorgeous views of the city.

Overall I’d say the trip was a success. We had a great time and it was relatively stress free. If you plan on travelling with a newborn or small infant to Jordan my advice would be to go ahead and do it! Plan and organise your trip carefully. Research your hotels as we did; notify them that your travelling with an infant. Most decent hotels will try and accommodate your needs. Try to work out when feeds need to be scheduled, will you be out at a place of interest or on the road. Think about how your baby’s feeding schedule will affect your plans. Do what suits your family and what you feel comfortable with. I’m used to breastfeeding on demand, if that means having to do it in a restaurant or stop the car roadside and always having to have some huge scarf or cover with me then I do it, hence why I was comfortable feeding Mahari in front of the Treasury. But if you know that’s way out of your comfort zone don’t do it. You can take a horse and carriage to get you around the Petra site much quicker and possibly in between feeds. Be well prepared in terms of having enough baby clothes and nappies etc. In my next post I’ll share my packing tips and tricks. We definitely made some mistakes this trip that I’ll be sure to learn from next time!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break.

Much Love

Desert Mama xxx

2 thoughts on “Jordan- Travelling with a baby

  1. Maria Schwob says:

    Hi Desert family 🙂

    I was looking for practical infos on traveling with a baby to Jordan and was glad to find your report.
    Did you rent a car seat ? And what about bed/cribs ?
    Thank you in advance for your reply 🙂


    • desertmamasite says:

      Hi Maria,

      We didn’t rent a car seat we took Mahari’s with us because she was still in the Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus which is a first size seat and easy to travel with. If we went again we would need to hire one as she’s now in the next size up and it needs an isofix etc.
      All the hotels we stayed in had a travel cot for her. They were all very accommodating for small children.
      I hope this helps! 🙂


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