Hand Baggage Essentials For Your Toddler

It’s that time of year when many of us are on the move. Whether you’re an expat travelling home, or just jetting off for a holiday, you don’t want to get caught out on your journey without any essential kit, especially with a toddler in tow.

In this post I share my hand baggage essentials when travelling with your Mini!

After making multiple trips with Mahari this year, I’ve finally started to get the hang of packing and figuring out what actually is essential and what isn’t. I think in the beginning I was an ‘over packer’ the ‘just in case’ mum, packing the entire house because ‘you never know we might need this’, and fumbling my way through a huge bag full of kit at the airport unable to find what I need.

This week we are heading back to the U.K. for Christmas and below is what I’ll be packing in Mahari’s hand luggage. I’m by no means an expert, but this list is, as of right now, what I’d say I wouldn’t dream of travelling without.

1. Clothes

Now that Mahari is a little older, I feel she doesn’t need as many spare clothes as before. Nappy blow outs are rare these days and we use a bib with long sleeves and front, more like an apron, to keep food off her.

  • 1 pair of spare leggings
  • 1 t shirt
  • 1 bib
  • 1 jumper (it will be cold when we land)
  • Slippers

2. Nappies and Changing

A travel changing mat is essential. Ours came with our holdall from Tiba and Marl.

  • 3 normal nappies
  • 4 pull up nappies (we find pampers are the best for us)
  • Changing mat
  • 1 new pack of wipes (took a half full pack once and ran out midway through cleaning a monster explosive poo)
  • Flannel (I use this if it’s a messy poop as sometimes wipes can we quite harsh)
  • Hand sanitiser

3. Toys

A friend of mine suggested when taking toys on a flight, try taking something new that they haven’t seen before to keep them engaged. That’s why I decided to order the Keep Em Quiet bag. I think it’s a fab idea and we’ll put it to the test this week.

  • Keep em quiet bag
  • Book
  • Soft baby doll
  • Flashing bouncy ball
  • 2 episodes of Go Jetters downloaded on the iPad. (She loves that show)

4. Snacks

We always take a little cool bag with us on any journey and this trip will be no exception. In the cool bag we pack snacks and medicine.

  • 2 Ella’s fruit pouches 1 for the airport and another incase she wakes when we land.
  • Sliced fruit (banana or strawberries)
  • Fruit roll up (came with the keep em quiet bag)
  • Oaty snack bar
  • Plain pasta and cheese.
  • Water
  • Milk

5. Medicines and Miscellaneous

We always bring some Calpol or infant paracetamol. You never know when a child might get sick, and I certainly wouldn’t want to get caught without it.

  • Calpol
  • Thermometer
  • Teething necklace
  • Tissues

I hope you find this list useful. Mahari is now 13 months old so I’m sure in another few months this list might look different again. We are travelling back to the UK where it’s cold, so if I was travelling to warmer climates I would definitely add things like sunhat and sunscreen to the list.

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Much Love

Desert Mama xxx

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