About Me

Having spent all my life in the UK, in 2015 I decided it was time for a change. My husband and I took the plunge and swapped the dreary UK weather for constant glorious sunshine and moved to Qatar. I was offered a dream job in a country and culture so vastly different from my own. We have now completed our second year here and we love our expat life! Life in the desert has been full of adventure but my journey into motherhood is about to be the biggest most exciting one yet!

About My Blog

Like most expats, living away from family has meant that our support systems have either disappeared or changed format, and the resources available to us here in Qatar can often be quite different to what we would find back home- whichever corner of the globe that might be! I decided to write a blog not only to share my pregnancy and motherhood experiences with friends and family back home and in other parts of the world but also because here in Qatar it is hard to find information on people’s pregnancy and motherhood experiences all in one place.

On my blog I will share the ups and downs of my pregnancy, useful services, sites and shopping in Qatar and life once our little one has arrived!


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